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Navigating Uncharted Waters in Sch 1: DN v UD and the FU Fund

DN v UD (Sch 1 Children Act: Capital Provision) [2020] EWHC 627 (Fam) When Parliament enacted the Children Act 1989, instead of framing new law relating to financial claims on behalf of children, it chose to consolidate earlier statutes. Section 15 of the CA 1989 explains that “Schedule 1…consists primarily of the re-enactment with consequential […]

What we’re doing when we negotiate at FDR

…We negotiate in the same way most people play chess: we know how the pieces move. We know the aim is to capture the other side’s king. We maybe plan one or two moves ahead. But few arrive at court thinking “today I’m going to make the Albin Countergamble…

Will the new rules on open proposals actually work?

Family Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2020 (SI 2020/135) This post covers two points (1) the new rules on open proposals and costs estimates, which took effect on 6 July 2020, and (2) are these likely to actually work? THE NEW RULES The amendments were announced on 10 February 2020 which, it is astonishing to realise, was […]


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Alexander Chandler

I am a barrister at 1KBW, specialising in financial remedies, TOLATA and Schedule 1. I am also an arbitrator (MCIArb) and part-time judge.

Disclaimer: posts do not constitute legal advice, copyright 2020.

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