Family Brief

Media Reporting in the Family Court: A Primer

Introduction One of the perennial complaints about family law is its lack of transparency; hearings are generally heard in private, first instance decisions are rarely reported, and what the press can report is often strictly restricted. The popular perception is that the family court operates ‘behind closed doors’. To some extent, this is unfair. Since […]

Long Judgments

I don’t think I’ve ever had a client who wasn’t surprised to hear it might take the judge an hour or two to read out judgment, or that in writing, it would likely be much longer. As lawyers we become used to the conventions at play when a judge hands down judgment: the terrible portent […]

Private FDRs reviewed in AS v CS [2021] EWFC 34

AS v CS [2021] EWFC 34 The rise of the private FDR is something extraordinary to behold. While arbitration has proven a hard sell in family law, comparable to rolling a large boulder up a hill, private FDRs have taken flight, to the extent that in London and the South East, the decision to have […]

The Occasionally Boring World of Equitable Accounting

Compensation under TLATA, post Rowland v Blades [2021] EWHC 426(Ch) Like all good things in life, law can sometimes be just a little boring. Even the more interesting areas of law have their dull sides. Criminal lawyers have shoplifters; matrimonial lawyers have chattels disputes, and commercial lawyers have delightful second homes in Provence. The most […]


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Alexander Chandler

I am a barrister at 1KBW, specialising in financial remedies, TOLATA and Schedule 1. I sit as a Recorder, private FDR judge and arbitrator (MCIArb).

Disclaimer: posts do not constitute legal advice, copyright 2021.

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